Need students?


To all freelance English teachers in and around Hannover, Germany:

Let’s get to the point: you need more students.  I left all 75 of my students behind when I moved back to America, and every week I have to turn away new people who still contact me through the website, and that makes everyone feel sad.

To get your own page on the Hannover site, e-mail me the following:

– A high-resolution photo of your most teacherly self

– Your information in terms of qualifications, experience, and contact details, written in German and English

– Your lesson prices, course descriptions, event dates and so on.

– Your city or village in Lower Saxony, or if you travel, your range and prices.

It’s free for six months, and then you can take your stuff down or give me EUR 7,50 a month to pay our computer helper.  He’s very kind, but we must feed him.  The site needs to be updated, dusted, and oiled so it fits on the ever-changing devices.  It would also be nice if more teachers were on the website to catch all the students who are dropping by.

This is the easiest and most effective way to find students.  Putting up posters on cork boards at the University and supermarket might seem like the way to go when you’re beginning, but it really starts you off on the wrong foot in terms of credibility, value, and longevity.

You can even have a related e-mail account with the site’s suffix!  Send your info, questions, or comments to (see how nice it looks?).

Happy teaching!