Need worksheets?

Cover 1Teachers know that parents want to be part of their child’s learning experience, and many children like to collect things from their English lesson. This series of worksheets and flashcards are perfect for the ESL classroom. The flashcards are a vital part of the lesson, being introduced at the start of each hour, and used for games and quizzes. A short coloring activity is also a great way to calm the children and reinforce vocabulary. My little students took great pride in coloring their picture sheets and their parents were happy to have a way to practice what they’ve learned. When collected in a folder or binder, the Picture Dictionary can be a nice reference tool for young learners.

7.5 In the ToolboxThere are over 500 vocabulary words and 63 sheets to hand out. So if you have weekly lessons, you’ll have more than enough to get through a year.
I could usually get through two years without repeating a worksheet because there were only 30 lessons in a course. Also, some lessons were special occasions where we presented a play or concert for the parents, or we went to the zoo, so no worksheets were needed.

Cover 3I also used the flashcards in lessons with teenagers and adults. They aren’t designed exclusively for children, so Mr. Banker feels fine using them to learn about dishes and clothes. However, leave the worksheets to the children.

When you download the PDF file, it’s yours to print as many times as needed for your classes. Did somebody chew on the cookie card? Print another one. Is your master sheet getting crinkly and torn? Did you accidentally hand it out to a student? Do you need doubles for flashcard memory games? You have the files and you can just print them fresh.

9.1 i it she thePermission to print and photocopy this content extends only to your classroom needs, so don’t give the files to a third person or open up a publishing company from your desk. Ethics, my friends.

I’ve provided the table of contents for free so you can decide if the vocabulary words and themes fit your teaching plan. The units are not organized by level of difficulty, so you can choose the theme based on whatever games or activities you’re doing in your class. If you stick with the food category for three weeks, the students might get bored unless you’re doing a restaurant project or something.

The files are currently formatted for A4 size paper. I’m in the process of putting them in US Letter format so they can be printed in America and Canada. Stay tuned!