A Guide for Teachers

This guide is written for people who want to earn money teaching English in Germany.  The main questions I will answer in this guide are:

  • How to find students
  • What to teach them
  • How to bill them
  • How to get to work on time and organize your lessons
  • Who to ask for help with taxes, insurance, and permits

As a self-employed English teacher for children and adults from 2001 to 2011, I’ve made plenty of mistakes and learned some hard lessons which I’d like to convert into useful advice for teachers who feel as confused as I once was.  This guide is a mix of business tips and lesson plans based on my experience teaching ESL in Germany.  It’s written to all teachers, new and experienced, so if some advice seems a bit obvious to you or long-winded, it might be a golden nugget to someone else.  Although I talk about Germany throughout this guide, most of my advice is about teaching Language in general.

I’m working on a variety of related and unrelated projects these days, but I still get lots of questions from potential teachers and students who e-mail me at info@languageplayshop.com or schulzberecca@hotmail.com, and forgive me if I don’t respond immediately.


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