Visual Resources

A picture illicits a thousand words.  Lessons will be more pleasant and memorable when pictures are used in place of direct translations, time-consuming explanations, bulky props, and ambiguous pantomimes.

Here are the resources I used the most:

The Language Playshop   The set of flashcards can be used for all ages, and the worksheets are for children between 4 and 10.  Yes, this is a shameless plug for my materials, and you should buy it all immediately!Covers

 Visual Grammar (Timesaver) This is by far the best grammar workbook for the teacher on the go.  I’ve used it with kids as young as 10.  Adults are fine with this material too, as long as you mix it in with other texts and activities.

– The Murphy books which include English Grammar in Use, New edition, With Answers are everyone’s favorite resource.  I use them with teenagers and adults, and it’s only sparingly illustrated.  Each page has an explanation of a new grammar structure followed by a page of practical exercises.  Students and fellow teachers like to borrow these, so pick up a few extra used copies for a reduced price: