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The Picture Dictionary contains 63 worksheets for learners to color and collect. Each sheet covers a topic such as animals, objects, verbs, or rhymes, making it easy for teachers to prepare for lessons. Buy the whole book or select just the pages you need, using the free table of contents as a guide.

Individual pages
Table of Contents
1.1 How do you feel?
1.2 Opposites
1.3 This is the opposite
1.4 What is the opposite?
2.1 A Day at the Zoo
2.2 Animals at the Zoo
2.3 Animals of the World
2.4 Let's visit the farm!
2.5 Sea Creatures
2.6 The Pet Shop
2.7 They live in the garden!
2.8 Who's in the forest?
3.1 Don't forget!
3.2 What are you wearing?
3.3 Winter Clothes
4.1 From the Fruit Farm
4.2 Fruit Salad
4.3 In the Vegetable Patch
4.4 It is sweet to eat!
4.5 It's time for breakfast!
4.6 It's time for lunch!
4.7 Our Garden
4.8 Please pass the salt
4.9 The Shopping List
5.1 Christmas Toys
5.2 Happy Halloween!
5.3 Happy Holidays!
6.1 Color the rainbow
6.2 Let's count!
6.3 Pictures from A to Z
6.4 Shapes
6.5 What time is it?
7.1 Around the Room
7.2 At the Beach
7.3 At the Playground
7.4 Furniture
7.5 In the Toolbox
7.6 It's bedtime!
7.7 It's time for sports!
7.8 Let's go outside!
7.9 Let's have a costume party!
7.10 Let's make a rhyme!
7.11 Let's make some music!
7.12 Let's tidy up!
7.13 My School Supplies
7.14 On the Table
7.15 Our City
7.16 Our House
7.17 Outdoor Adventure
7.18 Outside
7.19 Rhyme Time
7.20 The Seasons
7.21 These are the parts of everybody!
7.22 We can go by...
7.23 Wet Weather
7.24 What's in the bathroom?
7.25 What's in your house?
8.1 Big People
8.2 Family
9.1 Pronouns
10.1 He is busy!
10.2 The child is...
10.3 What is he doing?

This collection of colorful flashcards contains over 500 pictures of objects, verbs, adjectives, and more, spanning 128 pages. Each A4 sheet contains 4 flashcards with guidelines for cutting. Buy the whole set or try the free supplement cards below before you decide. A pattern for the back is also included.

Supplement cards, 14 pages
Table of Contents, 4 pages
Back of Cards, 1 page

The Activity Worksheets are the perfect follow-up pages for practicing new words or reviewing old lessons. Each topic has one worksheet for young learners and another for writers. There are also several templates for classroom activities such as paper money, holiday crafts, and game pieces.